Rack Beams

We stock the most popular sizes of rack beam. All sizes, gauges, colors are available
through factory order. Contact your representative for complete information.

Part NumberDescription Length (')Height ('') Capacity (lbs)
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RB06-3-3700Rack Beam633700$15.00
RB06-4-4500Rack Beam644500$15.00
RB07-3-3000Rack Beam733000$16.00
RB08-3-2000Rack Beam832000$22.00
RB08-6-8800Rack Beam868800$36.00
RB09-4-3900Rack Beam943900$26.00
RB09-5-7000Rack Beam957000$40.00
RB10-4-3100Rack Beam1043100$25.50
RB10-5-5700Rack Beam1055700$40.00
RB10-6-8800Rack Beam1068800$42.00
RB12-4.5-2500Rack Beam124.52500$33.00
RB12-6-6450Rack Beam1266450$55.00