Wire Decking

Wire decking is an effective solution to enhance the versatility and safety of pallet racking. It is lightweight and allows for air flow and visibility. It features an easy and convenient installation, with no tools necessary.

Your warehouse will greatly benefit from wire deck, as it improves inventory, reduces debris buildup, and gives you the flexibility to store cartons, bins and other products. Each deck is made for a 2500lbs. capacity, evenly divided.

Part NumberDepth ('')Width('') Support TypeChannel Grid SizeBuy Now
WD-2446F-314-C4 2446Standard Flare Channel32.0''x4.0''$14.68
WD-3646V-314-A43646Inverted U-Channel32.5''x4.5''$17.00
WD-4246V-314-C44246Inverted U-Channel 32.0''x4.0''$23.00
WD-4252V-314-C44252Inverted U-Channel32.0''x4.0''$19.50
WD-4258F-314-C44258Standard Flare Channel32.0''x4.0''$27.72
WD-4446V-314-C44446Inverted U-Channel32.0''x4.0''$27.28
WD-4452V-314-C4 4452Inverted U-Channel32.0''x4.0''$20.00
WD-4458V-314-C44458Inverted U-Channel32.0''x4.0''$31.90
WD-4846V-314-C44846Inverted U-Channel32.0''x4.0''$24.00
WD-4852V-314-C44852Inverted U-Channel32.0''x4.0''$29.58