Protection Equipment

Mighty Rail

  • 14.5” profile is taller than most competitors
  • Three ridge design utilizing 11 gauge steel
  • Durable “safety yellow” powder coat for visibility
  • Proven to resist impacts up to 10,000 lbs @ 4 mph
  • Includes anchor bolts


Part NumberHeightWeight (lbs)DescriptionPriceBuy
P-CG-18C18"32.6Corner Post$56.00Buy
P-CG-18S18"32.6Straight Post$56.00Buy


Part NumberProfile HeightLengthWeight (lbs)DescriptionPriceBuy Now
P-GR-01B14"1'12.8Guard Rail (Bolt In) 1'$43Add to Cart
P-GR-02B14"2'21.1Guard Rail (Bolt In) 2'$46Add to Cart
P-GR-03B14"3'Guard Rail (Bolt In) 3'$54Add to Cart
P-GR-04B14"4'38.1Guard Rail (Bolt In) 4'$72Add to Cart
P-GR-06B14"6'55.4Guard Rail (Bolt In) 6'$94Add to Cart
P-GR-07B14"7'Guard Rail (Bolt In) 7'Add to Cart
P-GR-08B14"8'70.4Guard Rail (Bolt In) 8'$110Add to Cart
P-GR-10B14"10'88.0Guard Rail (Bolt In) 10'$144Add to Cart


Part NumberWeight (lbs)Overall HeightInside DiameterMount Plate DimensionPipe Diameter
PriceBuy Now
P-B-4241624'' 4.25''8'' X 8'' X 3/8''4.5''
$40Add to Cart
P-B-4422542'' 4.25''8'' X 8'' X 3/8''4.5''$58Add to Cart
P-B-5363336''5.25''10'' X 10'' X 3/8''5.5''$77Add to Cart
P-B-5433642'' 5.25''10'' X 10'' X 3/8''5.5''$90Add to Cart

Machinery Guards – High Profile

Part NumberWeight (lbs)Overall Length Overall HeightInside DiameterOutside DimensionMount PlatePriceBuy Now
P-MG-36365336''36''4.25''36'' X 36'' X 39-1/2''8'' X 8'' X 3/8''
$95Add to Cart

Post Protectors

Part NumberWeight (lbs)HeightBaseplatePriceBuy Now
P-PP-2414.024''6'' X 8'' X 1/4''$25Add to Cart
CP-FM24 - Floor Mount Column Protector24''$24.99Add to Cart

Outside Rack Guard

Part NumberWeight (lbs)For Rack Total LengthPriceBuy Now
$130Add to Cart
$95Add to Cart
$95Add to Cart